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LeanBizSkills.com goes live

Amtek's LeanBizSkills is now available to selected users. Courses available on the site will enable in-house lean champions and professional facilitators to deliver training, initiate and sustain improvements and implement lean systems in a wide range of organizations.

Resources on the site include training materials and exercises, examples and 'how to' tips, free to use documentation and implementation tools.

If you would like to access these resources for review, please get in touch with Graham Meek at Amtek. contact


Shell Jarrow Induction System

6th January 2014

Comprehensive induction system delivered.more

Docurated recognizes Amtek's sales training program

24th September 2014

International recognition for acclaimed video-based learning.more

LeanBizSkills.com goes live

20th December 2014

Amtek's LeanBizSkills is now available to selected users.more


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