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Docurated recognizes Amtek's sales training program

Amtek's Sales Business is featured in Docurated's list of '50 free online training resources to learn about the consultative selling process'. This list recognizes sales training resources as the best available online.


Graham Meek of Amtek commented, "We're delighted to be identified in this way by an internationally respected company that is so focused on sales productivity". The Sales Business sales training program is available at www.salesbizskills.com


Shell Jarrow Induction System

6th January 2014

Comprehensive induction system delivered.more

Docurated recognizes Amtek's sales training program

24th September 2014

International recognition for acclaimed video-based learning.more

LeanBizSkills.com goes live

20th December 2014

Amtek's LeanBizSkills is now available to selected users.more


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